REVIEW: ghosts + villains – small victories

11156119_822927594464736_1770221304680790441_nghosts + villains – small victories
CDEP 2015 Thanks But No Thanks Records

ghosts + villains is a pretty new Belgium band fronted by Frederik Meuris (guitar and vocals), formerly known from Second Base, The Rocket, …

Listening to this ‘ghosts + villains’ début right after the Young Hearts EP almost feels like being in some kind of rehab: the speed is brought down a few knots replacing the fast punk rock by some pop punk spiced indie rock. ‘Small Victories’ didn’t blew me away straight away. At first it left me in the middle of hating it or loving it but after a few spins the EP just got to my core and now it is hard not to push the repeat button … again.

I’m not always on top of the new breed of pop punk / indie bands but for ghosts + villains well crafted songs with their nice melodies, the melancholy and the subtle whoohoos, I love to make an exception. Personal highlight is the title track ‘Small Victories’ in the middle of the album, I just love Frederik’s higher pinched vocals here.

I would not mind to take the wrong train home 😉 while listening to this great EP so that I can push that repeat button again and again. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. so many things
2. already gone
3.small victories
4. break
5. go on


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