REVIEW: The Transitions – Dark Times

12002852_533017500187514_1379785017855685728_nThe Transitions – Dark Times
LP 2015 Rebellion Records in cooperation with Rebel Sound Music

Al from Marching Orders and RazorCut is back with a new release from his post punk and new wave band ‘The Transitions’.

I found their s/t début EP a bit monotonous but progression has been made and ‘Dark Times’ has more variation build in but still, the ‘monotone ghost’ keeps on haunting them. Post punk and new wave fans will certainly like the dark sound, the melancholic vibe, the spooky atmosphere of ‘The Call’, … and street punk fans who like Marching Orders and RazorCut will love Al’s significant vocals but will they both love this. Maybe they do but both parties will have to broaden their views the embrace ‘The Transitions’ and when they do, I’m convinced they will like it. 8/10

Track list:
1. The End Of The Line
2. Victim
3. The Sky Is Falling
4. Take Me Away
5. Dead Friend
6.Last Chance To Walk Away
7. The Call
8. Caught In A Web
9. Don’t Wanna Be Like Them
10. Dark Times


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