REVIEW: Fatskins – Viva


Fatskins – Viva
7” Crowd Control Media

The Arizona Fatskins (Est. 1996) are back with a new 7” called ‘Viva’.

This EP was released in July on Crowd Control Media and contain four vicious American Oi tracks. Opener Cr-ISIS is an anti-religious extremist anthem. ‘Never a Victim’ and ‘Only Came Here To Fight’ reflect the passion for their way of life and ‘My Revenge’ is a cover of a ‘The Templars’ classic featuring vocalist Carl Fritscher. The songs are fuelled with anger and frustration depicting the fighting spirit of the Fatskins fronted by Mike’s distinctive vocals. So this one if for the fans of raging American Oi.

Track List:
1. Cr-ISIS
2. Never A Victim
3. Only Came Here To Fight
4. My Revenge


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