REVIEW: Los Brigands – Nothing’s Clean

losbrigandsnothingcleanalbumartLos Brigands – Nothing’s Clean
LP 2015 Crowd Control Records

Los Brigands is a California based band who recently released their début LP ‘Nothing’s Clean’ through Crowd Control Media.

Not knowing that I would be listening to a punk/ska band, the psychobilly opener ‘The hater’s circle’ gave me some high expectations. Boy, was I in for a minor disappointment when the following song turned out to be a fast forward punk track. Even worse, the third track is a ska song, but number four ‘Robbie’ is a revised punk version of Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry. Oké, let’s get serious again. 😉 Nothing’s Clean is a decent record for punk fans who also dig ska. A bit like Rancid and Left Alone but faster, rougher and less polished but Los Brigands play in a lower league. 7/10

Track List:
1. The Haters Circle
2. 8 50
3. 10 Times Worse
4. Robbie
5. Algun Dia
6. Cold Cold City
7. Dead American Dream
8. On The Wall
9. Downtown Nights
10. Fight Fire With Fire
11. Broke
12. First 48
13. Bumming Cigs
14. Denver Ave.
15. Bad Vibes
16. Last One


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