REVIEW: Make Your Mark – What We Believe

makeyourmarkMake Your Mark – What We Believe
LP 2015 Crowd Control Media

When you listen to a certain genre a lot, it gets harder and harder to keep an open mind. I mean, you mostly have heard it all before, sometimes better, sometimes worse. You know, there are a lot of twelve-in-a-dozen bands out there offering nothing new, doing nothing ground breaking or anything, … at best they offer a decent record.

Make Your Mark from Iowa, USA is such a new streetpunk / Oi band. They recently released their début LP ‘What We Believe’ through Crowd Control Media which offers a nice blend of 12 songs going from mid tempo melodic Oi! sing-alongs to straightforward streetpunk tunes. It is a decent record, nothing more, nothing less. 7/10

Track list:
1.What We Believe
2. 10 Years
3. New Radio
4. False Pride
5. Where’s The Youth
6. The Game
7. Franciscan
8. Working Class
9. Relief
10. Sequel To Life
11. Turn It Up
12. 25 Pounds of Beer


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