REVIEW: NoxThanks – s/t

nothankscoverNoxThanks – s/t
7” 2015 Commitment Records

I sure love me some good old Youth Crew at times. And this time it is the début 7” from NoxThanks, an Oklahoma Straight Edge, Youth Crew band that started out 2013. The 7” got released by the Dutch label Commitment Records.

What you get is some good old fashioned, high energy Youth Crew Hardcore bulking from the usual clichés. You know, the drug free lifestyle, friendship and stuff like that but NoxThanks also isn’t afraid to deal with the less obvious topics such as gender equality and intimidation towards women, internet creeps, popularity seekers, the struggle of life (not every one gets it on a silver platter), …

Battery certainly comes to mind when I listen to NoxThanks. Don’t be scared by the clichés, NoxThanks released a more than decent 7” that takes you back to the high days of the Youth Crew movement. 8/10

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Here For The Show
3. University Ave.
4. Kids Like Us
5. X Best Friends
6. Creep
7. No Thanks


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