Passion For Vinyl: Johan Prenger

passion for vinyl johan

Johan Prenger (NL). Owner of Reflections Records / Mailorder / Distro. Occasional painter (murals). Father

Why your passion for Vinyl?
I always bought vinyl. When I first started listening to music it was either vinyl or cassettes. It always stayed with me and whenever I had the choice vinyl or CD I choose the big one. No questions asked. As a label we always have released vinyl as well. It’s just so much cooler and has more the sense of the ‘real thing’ to me.

Which turntable do you use?
I just recently purchased a JVC player from the eighties at a thrift store for 10,00 euro’s. Checked the whole thing, oiled it, put a new belt on it, a new needle and even made it look a bit nicer by applying a wooden edge. So basically it became my own model now. It sounds great as well. I however don’t really care for ‘the perfect’ sound. I either listen to metal or punk/hardcore mostly and I kinda like that some of those records don’t sound perfect.

What are your 5 most favourite records?
Incredibly hard to answer… But right now my top 5 would look something like this (in no particular order):

  1. Rainbow – Rising
  2. Kiss – Alive II
  3. Into Another – Ignaurus
  4. Youth Of Today – We’re Not In This Alone
  5. Napalm Death – Scum
  6. and fuck it, a sixth one: Sleep – Dopesmoker

RainbowRainbowRising Alive_2_cover album_ignaurus   R-817190-1341361210-3807.jpegNapalmDeathScumimages

What is your most favourite album cover?
Does the inside count? Kiss – Alive II. That live pic is SO epic it was never done better!


Regular cover: I REALLY like the artwork for Herder – Horror Vacui


Original or repress?
Don’t really care. In fact, I just recently replaced all the Iron Maiden records I had with the re-pressings box set. They sound better (the old ones were played to death…) and since everything else is original, why not. Oh, same with the old Judas Priest albums. The re-issues came with a gatefold sleeve, thick vinyl. I replaced all the old ones I had. So, yeah… if the re-press is nicer, I don’t care. While on the subject, we re-released both Possessed – Seven Churches and Exodus – Bonded By Blood on vinyl (on side label Monumentum) a few years ago and they came out absolutely stunning. Better than the originals 😉

Black, Colour or Picture disc?
Black or colour is fine with me. Never liked picture discs. The only ones I have are the KISS solo albums and Judas Priest – Sad wings of destiny. But I never play those.

A Vinyl Tip?
Buy ‘m. Play ‘m. Collect ‘m. Having a serious music collection (and screw it, if you always had cd’s, keep those.. they’re fine if you grew up with ‘m) makes you cool AND you always have something to talk about when people visit you.



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