REVIEW: NOFU – Mito Ciclicita

a1693074324_16NOFU – Mito Ciclicita
LP 2015 DIY

NOFU is an Italian hardcore band who earlier this year released a new 12” LP ‘Mito Ciclicita’, the follower of the 2012 10 track tape and the 2014 split 7” with Antimonitor.

Mito Ciclicita is a furious album full of DIY hardcore punk madness enriched with heavy Trash elements and a rebellious punk attitude. The songs are in Italian but that’s not a bad thing on the contrary, when I listen to track 6. Intermission, I strongly recommend the band not to sing in English. Stick with your mother tongue that sounds brutal. 7.5/10

Track list:
1. Esserci
2. Semplice presenza opaca + Lavoro
3. Ciò che resta noi lo istituiamo
4. Joseph K.
5. Stanze
6. Intermission
7. Mitociclicità
8. Aut aut
9. Post fata resurgo
10. Nofu
11. Qualcosa scompare (Negazione cover)


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