REVIEW: Sundays – Wørds

a3265164751_10Sundays – Wørds
CD 2015 White Russian Records

The Belgium band Sundays started out in 2013 when five long-time friends, with musical experience in bands as The Ignored, Amokachi and Omerta, decided to start a band together. On October 17th they will release their seven track début EP ‘Wørds’ digitally, on CD and as a 10″ on White Russian Records.

Sundays plays melodic hardcore in vain of bands as Verse, Modern Life Is War, and Defeater. They certainly sound very similar to the above mentioned bands and they can create the same desperate, melodramatic atmosphere. Maybe I’m hallucinating hear but I even hear some Rage Against The Machine coming through at times.

With some added punk rebellion Sundays may not sound as dark as their roll models in Verse, Modern Life Is War, … and ‘Wørds’ might be a bit easier to chew but it certainly sounds as intense. ‘Wørds’ offer some food for thoughts and is a great release by this promising new Belgium hardcore band. 8/10

Track list:
1. Power Of One
2. Who We Were, What We Did
3. Still Raging
4. Recovery
5. Turning Point
6. My Flag, My Song
7. Soul Searching


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