REVIEW: No Resistance – Nova Methodus


No Resistance – Nova Methodus
10” EP 2015 Rebellion Records

Last year this Houston (USA) based skinhead rock band released V.I.T.R.I.O.L.’ their first European release on Rebellion Records. This album was full of catchy skinhead rock and roll songs highly inspired by Oi!, punk rock, powerpop and glamrock and ‘Nova Methodus’ is more of the same.

The first track ‘Downtown’ has a very punkrock and Scandinavian rock sound, while track two ‘Let’s Hear It’ tend to glampunk, ‘Alarming’ has a good British 70s punk rock’n’roll sound but closing track ‘In The Morning’ really came as a surprise, It almost tend to progressive rock. To sum it up, No Resistance ‘Nova Methodus’ is an interesting and classy blend of glam, rock, oi and punk that leaves a delicious after-taste. 8/10

Track list:
1. Downtown
2. Let’s Hear It
3. Alarming
4. In The Morning


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