REVIEW: Vanilla Muffins – The Drug Is Football

REB1051 front coverVanilla Muffins – The Drug Is Football
double 7” 2015 Rebel Sound Music

I only know the Vanilla Muffins, a Swiss punk and Oi band by name but for nearly 25 years they seem to be the kings of Sugar Oi! With 5 full lengths, 11 EP’s and numerous compilations, Vanilla Muffins marked their return with last year’s ‘Best of’ (Triumph of Sugar Oi!) on Bandworm/Spirit of the Streets, and the ‘A Little Night Music / Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ EP on Sunny Bastards. Earlier this year they released the limited edition ‘Goal of the Month’ single on Bandworm/Spirit of the Streets.

In 2003 the band released the ‘The Drug Is Football’ LP on Knockout Records, now Rebel Sound Music is releasing 8 of the best tracks from this LP, hand picked by the band, as a double 7” package. I don’t know what Sugar Oi is but the songs certainly have a poppy touch and some kind of sweetness. Opener ‘No punk rock in my car’ certainly set the tone … badabap badabap badabap … for some catchy sing-along punk music full of humour, fun, football and booze.

If you have the original pressing it will not offer you anything new and then this double 7” will just be a fine collectable. If not, your are in for a tasty vanilla treat. 8/10

Track list:
1. No punk rock in my car
2. Brigade Loco
3. All road leads to Rome
4. Comerades
5. The drug is football
6. The gang from Kennefeldpark
7. The one and only
8. The mob from Kannenfeldpark


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