MXRCXL_coversleeve_def_ol.inddMXRCXL – In Alarm
LP 2015 DIY

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marcel (NL) is back with an 8-track début album ‘In Alarm’. His 2013 EP ‘A laughing Matter’ was well received here, so my expectations were high when I heard about the new album. Well … these expectations are brilliantly achieved.

In comparison to ‘A Laughing Matter’, the grunge and the industrial metal have pushed the 70’s punk and the garage rock even more to the background creating eight shades of gray alternative metal, including a pretty special cover from Roy Orbison’s ‘You Got It’. ‘In Alarm’ is a dark, gray and heavy album with a bit of doomy groove about, and I quote Marcel himself ‘a chaotic state of mind, Panic if you will.’ Honestly I can’t say it any better … The Dark Force is strong in this one. 9/10

Track list:
1. Shit For Brains
2. The Damaged One
3. In Alarm
4. Oh The Irony
5. You Got It
6. Where Were You All Of The Others Were There!
7. Devoured + Dried Up
8. Happy Shooting


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