REVIEW: Hub City Stompers – Caedes Sudor Fermentum

HCS Cover lowHub City Stompers – Caedes Sudor Fermentum
LP 2015 Rebel Sound Music

Hub City Stompers are a ska/punk band from New Brunswick, NJ and their latest release ‘Caedes Sudor Fermentum’ offers the best of the Dirty Jersey Years’, including tracks from their 2006 full length ‘Dirty Jersey’, and favourites from their 2005 ‘Mass Appeal’ EP and their début full length ‘Blood, Sweat, and Beers’.

On ‘ Caedes Sudor Fermentum’ you here a ska band that think outside the box bringing a very enjoyable blend of traditional ska and reggae, rocksteady, skacore, punk, Oi, … loaded with fun and humour. 8/10

Track List:
2. Bumbl-B
3. Skinhead Boi
4. Johnny Date Rape
5. Chatterbox
6. Trojan Night
7. Skins Don’t Cry
8. Leave Me The Fuck Alone
9. I’ve Got A Boot
10. Fuck You, You’re Irish
11. Little Julie Swastiska
12. Mass Appeal


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