REVIEW: Muncie Girls / Sandlotkids – split

MG_SLK_Split_2015Muncie Girls / Sandlotkids – split
7”/digital 2015 Uncle M Music

Mid October Uncle M Music released this split 7” with the British female fronted punk rock band Muncie Girls and the German indie (punk) band Sandlotkids.

The catchy punk rock from the Exeter Trio Muncie Girls certainly forms a contrast with the more modest indie (punk) from the Sandlotkids making this split 7” a very intriguing one.

The contributions by the Muncie Girls, including the Ramones cover ‘Pet Sematary’, certainly are my favourite ones on this split. What can I say, I always like a good Ramones song and catchy punk rock tunes. That does not mean that you have to neglect the B-side because the Sandlotkids are worth mentioning with their nice 80s vibe, their dark indie wave punk or whatsoever. Both bands make this split a must have for punk rock and indie fans. 9/10

Track list:
1. Muncie Girls: Gone With the Wind
2. Muncie Girls: Pet Cemetery
3. Sandlotkids: Dramatic Comedy
4. Sandlotkids: Wide Awake


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