pic by NoxThanks / James Hartman

NoxThanks is an Oklahoma Straight Edge, Youth Crew band that started out in 2013, recently they released a 7” on the Dutch label Commitment Records. Here’s a Q and A with Brandon from NoxThanks.

OOS: “Please introduce ‘No Thanks’, who’s is in the band and what are your musical and personal backgrounds?”

Brandon: “NoxThanks is Skyler Storm on Guitar. Drake Yeager on Drums. “Zach” Millea on bass. Tyson Luneau on Guitar, and Me, Brandon Smith on vocals. Hal Crosno, who sings in Blackhole, and was our original bass player until he moved, is also in the band and he plays bass or second guitar anytime he can.”

OOS: “What triggered you to start the band back in 2013?”

Brandon: “At the time I was feeling really disconnected from the band I was in and also the scene in Oklahoma in general. I felt like none of the bands, including the band I was playing drums in Thought Crime, represented what I loved about hardcore. A lot bands that were heavy just to be heavy with lyrics that at the end of the day meant nothing. There hadn’t been a straight edge or youth crew band in several years in Oklahoma so I kind of decided that if I wanted to have a band I could really get behind musically and lyrically I was just going to have to do it myself. Thankfully I was able to talk Skyler into it and somehow it all fell together.”

OOS: “Where does the band name ‘No Thanks’ come from?”

Brandon: “It’s partly from the Uniform Choice song and partly just from our kind of outlook of saying no thanks to substance and negativity and all that. When we were looking for a name that would represent what we had to say and what we were about it just kind of made sense.”

OOS: “Which bands inspire you the most musically, lyrically, …?”

Brandon: “Musically I’d have to say Champion, In My Eyes, and True Colors. I think we kind of grew a bit on the new songs and got a little further away from being strictly a Champion cover band haha. I love youth crew more than any other kind of hardcore/music but it doesn’t mean I love all of it. I think some of it’s downright boring so I’d like to think we take from some of the more exciting kind of stuff like the Boston/lockin’ out bands etc.”

OOS: “The Youth Crew genre isn’t something you come across frequently nowadays in Belgium, How’s the scene in Oklahoma? Any bands, labels, zines, … we should check out?”

Brandon: “Like I said earlier we’re the first edge/youth crew band in OK in probably 5 years so there aren’t any other youth crew bands but the scene here is definitely as alive as it’s been in a long time. The local label is called Wrong Ones Records and they’ve been really supportive of the bands here. Some of the bands we play with here on the regular are Upright, The Tooth, Cottonmouth, Shame, Hollow Breath, and Death Trap but there’s a lot more.”nothankscover

OOS: “You released a s/t 7” through Commitment Records from the Netherlands, how did you ended up on this label?”

Brandon: “We were really inactive for like 4-5 months but when we met up and started playing again we wanted to try and take the band more seriously. We thought the new songs we’re a step up and after recording we just sent it out to labels that had put out straight edge/youth crew records recently and Robert responded saying he’d like to put it out. It honestly couldn’t have worked out better. Robert was super easy to work with and you can tell he’s putting out records for the right reasons.”

OOS: “How are the reactions so far on the 7”?”

Brandon: “As good as I could have expected honestly. We’ve had a lot of people from all over saying cool stuff online and we just got back from a short tour where we played in places we’ve never been before and a few people knew the words at every show. That’s pretty crazy to me.”

OOS: “So far you released a demo (2013, digital and on tape) en a 7” (2015), any plans for a full length in the near future?”

Brandon: “Nothing set in stone yet but we’re hoping to put out a split early next year and another EP before the end of next year. We’re trying to stay busy but I don’t think we’re quite ready for an LP but I guess it depends on what we write and who’s willing to put it out so you never know.”

OOS: “What would you certainly want to achieve with this band?”

Brandon: “Originally we just wanted to play shows, then we had the goal of putting out a 7” so now I guess the ultimate dream is to do a euro tour haha.”

OOS: “Some final shout outs?”

Brandon: “Just a huge thanks everyone who’s picked up the 7” through Commitment and some of the bands we’ve played with like Blackhole, Terminal Nation, Perfect People, New Heart, Social Damage, Low Life, Fossil Youth, Step 4 Change, and Singled Out. I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch of people haha.”




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