REVIEWS: some reviews part three

I’m getting a lot or review request, so many that I hardly can keep up, so here is another batch of records you should check out:

SY_ItunesSECOND YOUTH is a punk rock duo from Italy and Germany who started in 2015. They are about to release their first EP ‘Glass Roof’ on 4 December 2015 via Uncle M Music. This is some good shit if you ask me and you should check it out. Glass Roof has been spinning on repeat and I do not seem to get enough of This great soulful punk rock music. Can’t wait for a full-length to come out. More info about the band here:

12028694_1024745417548936_1212783270588524078_oDRIVE released their EP ‘One Life – One Lie – One Decision’ on October 23 digitally via Acuity Music. These dudes are part of the German Melodic Hardcore scene and musically Boysetsfire definitely comes to mind which is a big plus. Not that they are copycats or anything, ‘One Life, One Lie, One Decision’ has its own sound with enough variation in structure, vocals and power to keep your interest going. More info here.

Artwork_1400x14000COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS are going to release their début ‘Course Of Events’ through Prime Collective on 11 January 2016. Described as the bastard son of ‘Between The Buried And Me’ and ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan’ this Danish band plays techcore or to quote: “a combination of progressive death metal, brutal technical hardcore, layered with tremendous atmospheric ambient sounds”. It certainly sounds complex and I even think that R2D2 is a secret member. I find it to technical and complex for my simple ears and I had a hard time listening. Find out more about the band here:

070 - Glockenwise - HEATGLOCKENWISE is a garage rock band from Barcelos, Portugal who on October 26 released ‘Heat’ on Lovers and Lollypops Records. Poppy tunes, post punk grooves, dreamy melodies and a guitar wall of sound are the key elements on the bands third full-length. Besides that there are some cool sounding songs, ‘Heat’ also has a crazy, some kind of ‘out of tune’ vibe going on that can be enervating at times. So, I’m not fully convinced here, check it out at

Hollow Sons - Famine and Thirst - Artwork‘Famine & Thirst’, the new HOLLOW SONS LP, is the third Let it Burn Records release this month (November). Hollow Sons is a hardcore band with members from Italy, Germany and Austria (with members of GWLT, Human Touch, …) that saw the light of the day in 2013. Famine & Thirst contains 10 new tracks on side A, as well as 5 tracks from their ‘Thirst‘ EP and 2 previously unreleased tracks on side B. So 17 tracks of straightforward hardcore madness in total. It is a bid monotone at times to my taste but there are vartiations to regain my interest too, so no big harm is done.

indexTHE HACIENDA is an Italian based five-piece who released their S/T EP on October 10 trough Black Candy Records and its their fourth release so far. Combining rock, soul and psychedelic tunes makes this EP a melting pot of poppy melodies who are a bit dreamy at times, some heavy riffs and a lot of groovy rhythms.

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