REVIEW: Mountains To Move – Cotard

11222246_516365965183543_5702351092139171689_nMountains To Move – Cotard
EP 2015 Thanks, But No Thanks Records
Mountains To Move are an Antwerp based emo punk band who earlier this year released their first EP ‘Cotard’ via the Belgian label ‘Thanks, But No Thanks Records’.

Not being a big emo fan I truly can appreciate this shiny disc. Why?, well the emo/punk/rock isn’t of that un-catchy whining kind, it certainly has that sad, pessimistic, depressive dark side but there still is enough power to satisfy my hunger for heaviness. Besides that ‘Cotard’ is a very mature album by a promising upcoming band. Listening to ‘Cotard’ during rainy autumn days isn’t easy to chew but it was worth it. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Nemesis
2. Stay Alive
3. Saint-Joseph’s Burden
4. Rust Pt.1
5. Rust Pt.2
6. Cotard


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