REVIEW: Backfire – Where we Belong


Backfire – Where we Belong
mini LP/CD Strength Records

M-town rebels and European hardcore legends Backfire are back with some new tunes, their latest ‘Where We Belong’ is available as a mini CD and as a mini LP trough Strength Records.

Backfire started way back in 1994. Their first full-length ‘Rebel 4 Life’ made such an impression that ‘Warzone’ asked them as support act on their 6 week European tour. Over the years, Backfire!’s popularity just grew. In 2010 they planned to end the band but after two sold out farewell shows it just never did … the stage is where they belong.

This great mini album ‘Where We Belong’ has seven intense, in your face hardcore songs dripping with anger and frustration. The songs are not as catchy as their earlier work and they sound harder and darker but they have that Backfire groove we all dig. 8,5/10

Track List:
1. I’ll Do It Anyway
2. Give It Back
3. Lighten The Burden
4. Now It’s My Turn
5. Money Talks
6. Issues
7. Where We Belong


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