REVIEW: Duffy’s Cut / The Idle Gossip – Split E.P.


Duffy’s Cut / The Idle Gossip – Split E.P.
7” 2015 Contra Records / Oi! The Boat Records

The new split EP by Duffy’s Cut and The Idle Gossip sounds pretty awesome if you love to rock and roll Mod style with some rhythm and blues, soul and a punk rock beat.

First band on this split, Duffy’s Cut, is a Philadelphia based band, inspired by 60’s British invasion (The kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces…), the mods, the skins and Motown soul music. Opener ‘Milk Cow Blues’ is a pounding bluesy track while ‘Ten Steps Back’ has a more punky edge but both tracks are soulful rock and roll stompers. With ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Baltimore Foxtrot’ The Idle Gossip from Baltimore adds some razor sharp soul music with a 60s punk rock beat to this great split EP. 8.5/10.

Track list:
Duffy’s Cut:
01 – Milk Cow Blues
02 – Ten Steps Back
The Idle Gossip:
03 – All I Wanna Do
04 – Baltimore Foxtrot


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