REVIEW: Evening Call – Restore

12243460_1084146271609917_7634810914401244494_nEvening Call – Restore
EP 2015 DIY

Evening Call is a Hardcore band from Liège, a town in the Walloon part of Belgium situated by the river Meuse.

Whether you call it hardcore, modern hardcore, metal core of whatsoever this four track EP ‘Restore’ certainly is a fine piece of hardcore blending a diversity of more conservative and progressive hardcore and metal elements to a whole. Clean vocals alternate nicely with screams and grunts and the EP has some good tempo changes going form total mayhem to more subdued tunes spiced up with moshparts, breakdowns, … without losing itself in excessive complexity.

Fellow countrymen, ‘Restore’ and ‘Evening Call’ is something to be proud of. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Overture
2. Restore
3. Light the Fuse (feat. Lionel Bolain)
4. Another Face With No Name.


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