NEWS: new Fire At Will (Fr) album coming up.

12440707_10153930747549456_7614875549288784416_oFrench hardcore band FIRE AT WILL will release a new album “Life goes on” on KROD Records.

FIRE AT WILL is a French four-piece hardcore punk band, formed in 2006, in Toulouse. They’re playing intense and highly energetic music, characterized by fast tempos, melodies and emotionally charged vocals.

“Life goes on” is their 3rd album, it features 10 new songs, and it will be out April 14th 2016, on vinyl LP and CD.

FIRE AT WILL has 3 tours planned:

  • Feb 2016 [26/02 – 06/03] France
  • April 2016 [22/04 – 01/05] England and France
  • July 2016 [15/07 – 30/07] Europe.



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