REVIEW: Life Betrays Us – demo 2015

10996234_613663228768934_4927162649671533219_nLife Betrays Us – demo 2015
EP 2015 DIY

Life Betrays Us is a London, UK based hardcore band who released their first demo last year. This demo offers some heavy tunes: five hardhitting straightforward hardcore tracks. It has some brutal material to offer that will set any circle pit on fire, nothing less but also nothing more. At times the roughness is tempered by some clean vocals but honestly I don’t always like the sound of them, something about it bothers me, at time they do not seem to be that clean and in tune. If this isn’t a big deal and you like your hardcore to be heavy and tough as nails, Life Betrays Us is your band.

1. Intro
2. I Justify
3. Numb
4. Enough is Enough
5. Trapped


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