REVIEW: Hawkins Thugs – Working Class Lager Lads

HT_frontHawkins Thugs – Working Class Lager Lads
7″ 2015 Contra Records

Basque band the Hawkins Thugs are what you could consider a classic working class skinhead rock and roll Oi band. You know all the clichés are here on the bands latest ‘Working Class Lager Lads’ 7”. Opener ‘Lager Lads’ sets the tone right away for some catchy, sing-along, melodic and rocking Oi and working class skinhead tunes enriched with some ’77 punk. The 7” even includes a The Press (but also known in the Dropkick Murphys version) ’21 Guitar Salute’ cover as a download only.

‘Working Class Lager Lads is a must have for the fans of catchy classic streetpunk rock’n’Oi. 8/10

Track list:
1. Lager Lads
2. Best Memories
3. Never Believe
4. Respect for My Soul
5. 21 Guitar Salute (donwload code only)


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