REVIEW: Bring On The Bloodshed – Amongst The Ruins

Frontcover 001Bring On The Bloodshed – Amongst The Ruins
CD 2016 DIY Nocturlabium Records

Bring On The Bloodshed is a hardocre/metal band from Amsterdam (NL) and ‘Amongst The Ruins’ is the bands second release after their 2013 début ‘Dark Clouds’. Man, what an album: powerful, heavy, brutal but not too extreme.

I think that there are only a few bands around that can make a good blend of hardcore and metal without making a mess like a lot of those twelve-in-a-dozen bad metalcore bands around. Bring On The Bloodshed is a band I’m taking in consideration to become one of those bands that don’t mess it up. It isn’t all that renewing or unpredictable but ‘Amongst The Ruins’ certainly offers a good blend of Hatebreed alike hardcore, trash and death metal making it an album every metal and hardcore fan should pick up. 8/10

Track list:
1. Redemption
2. We are The Fearless
3. Into The Labyrinth
4. Bleed to Death
5. Bitterness of my soul
6. Ashes
7. When All Hope Dies
8. In The Hands of Judas
9. Pain To Come


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