REVIEW: Fatskins / Fear City – split EP


Fatskins / Fear City – split EP
7” 2015 Rebellion Records/Crowd Control Media

This 7″ is for the fans of American Oi! offering two songs from Arizona’s Fatskins and two songs from Chicago’s Fear City. With on the A side (the Fatskins side), S.F.F.S being a faster track, sporting a rougher and more powerful version of the Fatskins in comparison to the more melodic Fatskins on ‘War of a Nation’ you get a band managing both styles pretty well.

On the B side, the Fear City side, we get a band playing some straightforward Oi tunes with ‘Our Way Of Life’ being a real skinhead sing-along anthem and ‘Class War’ a real working class anthem in the make.

This split EP offer nothing new or fancy, the usual Oi!/skinhead ingredients are here. It certainly is a more then decent record for the fans of American Oi! 7/10

Track List:
Fatskins Side
1. S.F.F.S.
2. War of a Nation
Fear City side
1. Our Way of Life
2. Class War


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