REVIEW: Spoil Engine – Stormsleeper

SpoilEngine_cover_stormsleeperSpoil Engine – Stormsleeper

Spoil Engine are a five piece metal band from Belgium and Holland. They started out in 2004 and last year they released their fourth album Stormsleeper, the follower to ‘The Art of Imperfection (2012), Antimatter (2009) and Skinnerbox v.07 (2007). In 2015, the band adapted their line-up and switched to female vocalist Iris Goessens from Maastricht (NL).

Stromsleeper can be seen as a new start for the band and it surely isn’t a false one. Iris screams can easily be placed besides former Arch Enemy’s vocalist Angela Gossow. She even might be the evil twin sister of Peggy Meeussen from Bliksem. Iris takes Spoil Engines 90’s influenced metal(core) sound to a whole new level: still furious and heavy and with a modern groove but extra catchy and more melodic. Although Ires can stand here ground in the clean vocal parts I like her screams better.

With Stromsleeper, Spoil Engine delivered a great modern metal album. 8/10

Track list:
1. Disconnect
2. Stormsleeper
3. Weightless
4. Hollow Crown
5. The Verdict
6. Singing Sirens


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