REVIEW: STILL ILL – Building the Beast

CoversiSTILL ILL – Building the Beast
CD/LP/ digital 2016 Demons Run Amok

According to the promo sheet, this début album ‘Building The Beast’ from the Aachen based hardcore band ‘Still Ill’ is a concept album about: “…how society and people are turning into things they once fought. The metaphorical beast is built by each and everyone of us, guided by greed, malice and anger.” That’s quite a mouth full, but a good introduction to the album. The prologue certainly sets the right atmosphere for the title track to kick in.

What follows next is one hell of a brutal album with well build songs, full of social political criticism. “… filthy tongues, poisoned hearts, building fear in our souls … driven by false beliefs, you are planting an evil seed, filling our minds with darkness … through your world of ignorance you are building the beast.”

The pounding, metal driven hardcore offer the necessary heaviness, breaks and musical diversity to make this album worth listening. “Building The Beast” is the perfect soundtrack to the shit that is going on nowadays. It is a real must have. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Prologue
2. Building The Beast (feat. Kevin Optimist)
3. The Greater Fool
4. Lost All Faith (feat. Lucas Done)
5. Violent Few
6. Among Thieves
7. Primal Evil (feat. Chris Mossat)
8. Frozen Souls
9. Minutes To Midnight (feat. Fabio Countdown)
10. Paradigm Shift


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