REVIEW: The Country Dark – Hypnic Jerk

coverTCDThe Country Dark – Hypnic Jerk
CD 2016 Humu Records

The Country Dark is a garage rock and roll band from Kuopio, Finland who released their third full-length ‘Hypnic Jerk’ on 19 February via Humu Records.

‘Hypnic Jerk’ sounds a bit like ‘The Cramps’ jamming with The Meteors resulting in melting pot of sleazy rock and roll, psychobilly and dirty American roots music. I like most of their dirty, sleazy and greasy rock and roll sound.

Lyrically the songs are packed with weird and sexual loaded content, it is funny in a way, crazy and provoking for sure. Although I can see the humour in it, I’m not sure how long the gimmick will last. I also have the feeling that I’ve seen it all before but then better in one way or the other.

Track list:
1. Demon In Bambi Lee
2. Burnt Engine Oil
3. Mummified Head
4. Skank Ass
5. Useless (Like Tits On A Boar)
6. Green & Dripping
7. Take me from this Garden Of Evil
8. Fucked Up (In So Many Ways)
9. Two Dicks In One Hole
10. Farmer John


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