REVIEW: Planet Watson – Do What You Want

coverpwPlanet Watson – Do What You Want
CD 2015 DIY

Planet Watson is a German hardcore punk band and last December they self-released a new album ‘Do What You Want’.

Do what You Want is packed with powerful fast and mid tempo punk rock, skatepunk and melodic hardcore tracks. So musically its pretty decent for the fans of melodic skatepunk with a hardcore touch. Eight of the 13 songs have guest vocals and that is honestly a good thing, why? well the main vocals are a bit to high pitched and overdone and will make this album/band no so attractive to a lot/some of you. 7/10

Track list:
1. Sinking Ship
2. Let Hope Grow Again
3. Some Kind Of Void
4. Hell Of A Mess
5. Lose Weight
6. Lifetime Memory
7. Das Wars
8. Whore On TV
9. The Poor Rebel
10. Misfit
11. Done
12. Still Not The Time
13. This Is Our Time


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