REVIEW: Bitter Grounds – Remnants

Bitter Grounds – Remnants
EP 2016 DIY

Beans anyone? I’m not talking about coffee beans or anything but about the Dutch punk rockers who started in 1996 as an Operation Ivy, Rancid and Choking Victim cover band. Well the guys are back, after having played in several punk rock bands throughout the past fifteen years, to rekindle their love for punk, ska and reggae. Don’t expect no happy sounds…this band was formed on BITTER GROUNDS!

Musically ‘Bitter Grounds sounds like a streetpunk version of the Clash, a blend of the Clash and Rancid sums it up pretty fine. Remnants is the bands first offspring and it surely has a bitterness in the lyrics that suit the present world events like a custom-made suit: “One of “them” gone bad and we hate all of their guts … Cycles of hate are gonna be our downfall …”. Remnants is a nice teaser for the full length that is coming up later this year. Can’t wait to hear more.

Good old fashioned punk ‘n’ska, nothing more nothing less. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Radio Silence
2. Halos
3. My Reaction
4. Bad Plan


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