REVIEW: World Negation – Imbalance

unnamedWorld Negation – Imbalance
CD/ LP 2016 Demons Run Amok

Imbalance is the first full length release by the German hardcore band ‘World Negation’. The album is out through Demons Run Amok and it is one passionate hardcore album. ‘Imbalance’ has it all: passion, fury, anger, heaviness, groovy, new school, old school, NYHC, breaks, screams, social-criticism, … it has integrated something for every hardcore fan. Imbalance doesn’t offer anything renewing or … but it certainly is more then a decent and tasty hardcore record. 8/10

Track list:
1. Shaped By Demise
2. Imbalance
3. Touching The Void
4. No Survivors
5. Against The World
6. X
7. Puppet Strings
8. One Step Away (feat. Chris/Additional Time)
9. Lack Of Reality (feat. Dennis/Rykers & Matze/TLUF)
10. Way Of The Dog


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