REVIEW: Black Ball – Never Regret

BlackBallNeverRegretBlack Ball – Never Regret
CD 2016 Rebellion Records

Most of the time you can’t go wrong with a Rebellion Records release, although I sometimes have a been there heard that feeling. With The Corps guitarist Bevynn Wilkerson’s solo-project ‘Black Ball’ I had that feeling at first but song after song his Oi pub rock and roll started to uncover its true soul.

Bevynn is responsible for recording every single instrument on this one but he is backed up vocally by Alex (The Corps), Al (Marching Orders / RazorCut), Barry (Plan Of Attack), Garry (Rust), Kyle (Throwdown) and Darrin (Mouthguard) which makes every spin of the record worthwhile. Whether it is that extra pinch in sound, that (backing)vocal variety, that musical diversity, … ‘Never Regret’ truly stands out in one way or the other and separates itself from the masses. 8/10

Track list:
1. Evil inside
2. Always remember
3. Everyone will be here
4. Old school
5. Time
6. Nothing is for free
7. The journey
8. Polar opposite
9. Unveil the truth
10. Friday night


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