REVIEW: Deafness By Noise – A Long Way Down

DBN_ALONGWAYDeafness By Noise – A Long Way Down
CD/LP 2016 Strength Records

Four years ago was the double album ‘Noize Deaf Forever / Roots Baby Roots’ by Deafness By Noise one of the first Strength Records releases. Now Strength Records presents the bands newest record. ‘A Long Way Down’ on both CD and LP.

This album is bulking with eleven powerful sing-along old school hardcore tracks, with a dash of streetpunk/oi making is more rock and roll. ‘All Systems Down’ even has a hip hop thing going on. The album also includes a tribute track called ‘A tribute 2 a friend’ to Strength Records co-founder Onno Cromag (RIP).

‘A Long way Down’ is nice hardcore rock and roll album that will appeal to the fans of NYHC. 8/10

Track list:
1. The Crooks
2. Renegades
3. Major City Brain Damage
4. All Systems Down
5. A Tribute 2 A Friend
6. Over The Top
7. Means To An End
8. Sledge Hammer
9. Cancel Your Dream
10. 85 Knots
11. A Long Way Down


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