REVIEW: Rust Proof – Civil Treason

RP_print_CD_DIGIPAK_cropRust Proof – Civil Treason
CD 2015 1054 Records

At the end of 2015 Rust Proof released their first full length ‘Civil Treason’ sporting some heavy sounding hardcore. Their groovy hardcore has a certain catchiness, spiced up with metal elements that enrich their sound, but nevertheless it can use some extra dose of variation to keep it interesting. Although ‘Civil Treason’ offers an interesting blend of hardcore and metal it sometimes is balancing on a thin rope of metalcore dullness. But it still is a nice catch. 7/10

Track list
1. Civil Treason
2. Fortified
3. RIP
4. The Wretched Pit
5. The Stand Off
6. Savage And Sage
7. The Poacher
8. Mask Of Anarchy


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