REVIEW: Tigerwizard – Born To Die

a1877759336_16Tigerwizard – Born To Die
LP/digital 2016 DIY

Earlier this Year the Vienna based hardcore outfit Tigerwizard released their new EP ‘Born To Die’. It is the follower to their 2014 demo.

Musically ‘Born To Die’ surprised me, I certainly did not expected anything like this when I gave the EP a first spin. On ‘Born To Die’ Tigerwizard brings a interesting blend of raw, vicious and trashy hardcore with stoner, doom and sludge. It almost as if the Suicidal Tendencies would play sludge metal. You need to give the EP a few spins to get used to it and to fully appreciate it, but once you do, you are doomed. 8/10

Track list:
1. I
2. In The Dirt
3. Hall Of Meat
4. Wreck
5. Sleep Paralysis
6. Born To Die
7. Doomed


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