REVIEW: Raise Your Pitch – Risultati

CopertinaRaise Your Pitch – Risultati
CD 2016 DIY

Raise Your Pitch is a punk/hardcore band from Rome, Italy. Risultati is the bands second album and it is loaded with fast-paced hardcore punk with some streetpunk/Oi influences. It certainly has a good old school melodic hardcore vibe. Unfortunately most of the songs are in Italian, which I don’t understand, but on the other hands the Italian vocals sound much better than the English ones so it is not totally a bad thing. The album certainly has a good vibe but it can use something extra to really stand out, maybe some more variation, some extra catchy singalongs, … Risultati isn’t bad but lets hope it is the first step to something greater. 7/10

Track list:
1. Pioveranno molotov
2. Radioattivo
3. Tu chi sei
4. Un destino
5. Non sopporto
6. Niente per te
7. Ormai
8. Forward soldier
9. Stamp you out
10. Credere
11. Turn on/off
12. Walkin away
13. Risultati


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