Passion for Vinyl: Luke Ellis

passion for vinyl lukeLuke Ellis (UK), drummer from UK punk rock band Muncie Girls.

Why your passion for Vinyl?
I wouldn’t say I have a massive passion for vinyl. I like to have physical copies of albums and prefer vinyl as a format to CD’s.

Which turntable do you use?
I currently don’t really live anywhere at the moment so my record player is gathering dust a bit haha. When I’m not touring I normally listen to records on an old Dual turntable.

What are your 5 most favourite records?
Wow, that’s difficult. It’s too hard to choose but 5 records that mean a lot to me are,
1. Alkaline Trio – Goddamnit
2. Bouncing Souls – How I spent My Summer Vacation
3. The Clash – London Calling
4. Great Cynics – Like I belong
5. Descendents – Everything Sucks

Alkaline_Trio_-_Goddamnit_cover The_Bouncing_Souls_-_How_I_Spent_My_Summer_Vacation_cover TheClashLondonCallingalbumcover Final Great Cynics-6Panel gatefold Descendents_-_Everything_Sucks_cover

What is your most favourite album cover?
I don’t know about my favourite, but Cavalcade by The Flatliners is pretty impressive!


Original or repress?
I don’t mind.

Black, Colour or Picture disc?
Again, as long as it sounds cool then it doesn’t bother me. I guess a nice coloured vinyl that’s been screen-printed can look cool.

A Vinyl Tip?
Don’t try and listen to Vinyl in a CD player. IT DOESN’T WORK!

10371457_1255057464507985_2159845362102878954_nMUNCIE GIRLS:

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