REVIEW: Eleven-o-Seven – Destroy To Rebuild

20922_10153120732533592_8252909293126545857_nEleven-o-Seven – Destroy To Rebuild
CD2016 DIY

If there is one crappy band in Belgium it must be Eleven-o-Seven … 😉 (inside joke people). Eleven-o-Seven is a rock band from Aalst, Belgium. In 2009 they released their début album ‘Cold streets will fade away’ and recently they released its follower ‘Destroy To Rebuild’. Started out as a punk rock band, Eleven-o-Seven evolved to the more rock oriented band that they are now.

On Destroy To Rebuild you hear a rock sound that has more in common with alternative rock bands and nu-metal bands than with punk rock bands but there are still some punk elements left. The album has a good rocking vibe, catchy melodies and well build songs making it a nice rock album. But I think it can use some extra variation in style, sound, … to really stand out. Nevertheless not a bad effort from these boys from Aalst, but be warned you will either love it or hate it.7,5/10

Track list:
1. Solitary Romance
2. Larger Than Life
3. Priceless
4. Destroy To Rebuild
5. Shout Out
6. End Of Story
7. Ratrace
8. Being There
9. Sad Silence
10. Run
11. Rise As One
12. Battle On


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