REVIEW: Belvedere – The Revenge of the fifth

10351080_873178416142949_7144258148394145295_nBelvedere – The Revenge of the fifth
CD 2016 Funtime Records, Bird Attack Records, No Reason Records

I’m not going to spill a lot of words on the new album by the Canadian skate punk legends Belvedere. Yes Belvedere is back. Yes they have a new album, its been more then 10 years. And did they forgot how the game was played? No! ‘The Revenge of the Fifth’, is just an amazing album full of fast and mid tempo technical skate punk, melodical punk rock and catchy pop punk tunes. It has everything a good punk rock album must offer and it is a must have for every punk rock fan. 9/10

Track list:
1. Shipwreck
2. Hairline
3. Years
4. Transmissions
5. Delicastressin
6. Revenge of the Fifth
7. Red Pawn’s Race
8. Achilles
9. The Architect
10. As Above, So Below
11. Carpe Per Diem
12. Generation Debt


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