REVIEW: Homer – Loved Loss

a0715664829_10Homer – Loved Loss
CDEP 2015 Funtime Records

This six song EP is Homer’s 11th release and in its intense blue and sober but great looking artwork it really stands out. The Homer artwork is always a pleasure to see, but is the music also a pleasure to hear? Well, … it certainly is. Loved Loss, is all what you would expect from Homer: their unique blend of punk rock, hardcore, metal and rock as only Homer can bring it. But Loved Loss is much more, it sounds heavier, more balanced and it rocks as Homer has never rocked before. Guess all these years of experience worked out pretty fine.

This one is something to be really proud off. If I have to mention a favourite track it’ s going to be the title track because I just love everything about this song. 9/10

Track list:
1. There’s more to life than this
2. Push The Button
3. Indifference
4. Drown the sorrow
5. Loved Loss
6. Death is a threat


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