REVIEW: Backflip – The Brainstorm – Vol 1.

Backflip_coverBackflip – The Brainstorm – Vol 1.
CD 2016 Hellxis Records

Backflip is a female fronted five-piece hardcore band from Lisbon, Portugal formed in 2008. Earlier this year they released their second full length album ‘The Brainstorm – Vol 1.’, the follower to their 2013 self-titled début album. This is actually the first volume of a two piece release. Vol 2. will be released later this year. On ‘The Brainstorm – Vol 1.’ Backflip brings some decent mid- and up-tempo groovy and catchy melodic hardcore in vain of bands as Ignite, Stick To Your Guns, … Certainly a band to keep in mind. I’m curious for Vol 2. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Fortune
2. Contagious
3. Semantics
4. Ricochet
5. Shark Pound
6. Death or Glory


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