REVIEW: Skin Of Tears – Fake My Day

a3685637637_10Skin Of Tears – Fake My Day
CD/LP/MC 2016

I guess everyone has certain bands that stick with them, bands you grew up with, bands you got to know during your teens, … For me the German punk rock band ‘Skin Of Tears’ is one of those bands. They started in the early 90’s but split after 16 years in 2007. But when punk rock runs through your veins it keeps on running and so the bands started again in 2012. 2016 marks a new beginning in a way with a new album ‘Fake my Day’, ten years after ‘Ass it is’.

Opener ‘New Horizon’ kicks in like a roller-coaster and you know that you are in for a great ride of sing along (poppy) punk rock, melodic hardcore and ska(te)punk. 14 Songs are on this new record and with good variations in style, tempo and structure you get an album that has to offer something for everyone.

Guess Skin Of Tears will always be seen as one of those just-above-mediocrity punk rock bands in one way or the other but ‘Fake My Day’ is a good representation what they are as a band and what they are capable of. ‘Fake My Day’ is a great comeback album from this German cult band and it is certainly not inferior to a lot of overseas releases. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. New Horizon
2. Keep the dream alive
3. Offline
4. Sunday Sadness
5. Rockin’ Man
6. Silence
7. Day in / Day out
8. Friendly Match
9. Peanuts
10. Make My Day
11. Tonight tonite
12. Got the feeling
13. Without Lies
14. A drink to us


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