REVIEW: World Of Pain – End Game

unnamedWorld Of Pain – End Game
CD/LP BDHW Records

USA heavy hardcore band World Of Pain has earlier this year released a new full length called End Game on BeatDownHardWear Records. The album contains eleven tracks of overall mid tempo heavy, aggressive and brutal hardcore tracks which, and I can’t say it any better as the promo text: “is the perfect soundtrack to the detonation of our planet. With the world heading in a direction of total destruction, do you have the strength to survie? Will you conquer your demons? It’s time to face your fears.. it’s time to take back what is yours and stand up against the oppressor.”
Well for the fans of All Out War, Hatebreed, …

Track list:
1. Intro
2. End Of Days
3. Eden Unjust (Feat. Lifeless)
4. Inquisition
5. Senseless
6. Steadfast
7. Misconception
8. Two Face
9. Subliminial Diversion
10. Manifestation Of Fear
11. Strive To Survive (Feat. All Out War)


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