FESTIVAL: Brakrock Ecofest (B)

13041096_1084381844915187_1263619357144144216_oBrakrock ecofest is a fine outdoor punk rock festival in a nice green setting, a park area in between a river and a castle ruin, at the ‘Ter Elstlei’ in Duffel, Belgium. Like Ieperfest (B), Brakrock is an eco-minded festival that pays attention to their ecological footprint when it comes to use of space, materials, water, energy, catering, waste, … A real example for a lot of festivals. They Won the OVAM Groenevent Award in 2013 and were a finalist in 2015. Brakrock is one of the finest, coolest smaller punk rock festivals is Belgium and besides the eco part they also have a nice line up to offer:

Strung Out / The Dwarves / A Wilhelm Scream / The Flatliners / Such Gold / Mean Jeans / The Decline /Off The Cross / Cold Reading

Off With Their Heads/ Authority Zero / Young Hearts & Gwyllions + guest Unsure / Antillectual/ Homer / Trophy Lungs/ The Uprising / Kill The President! / For I Am

Hans Roofthooft (vocalist F.O.D) / Kamikaze Girls……./ mtba


Tickets: online regular presale: 24 euro / at the doors: 29 euro

more info at: www.brakrock.be

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Brakrock-Ecofest-554210381265672/



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