NEWS: Recovery Records (B)

10730129_885396491579615_7610715360481932665_nCassettes/tapes were all around during my teens. They were handy and cheap, cool as a demotape but sucked as a musical format in general. Still there are a lot of fans of the format and the last couple of years it seems that the cassette is having an underground revival.

Whether you love it or hate it, there is a new DIY punkrock/ hardcore/ alternative cassette label in town called Recovery Records. By ‘in town’ I mean Zoersel, Belgium. It is always great to see when people put a lot of effort in ‘this thing of ours’ called hardcore, punkrock, … Fan of the format or not, go check it out.



RECR001: Wasted 24/7 – Eight Equals Greater Than
RECR002: Your Face Offends Me – The Punchline
RECR003: Builders of Tomorrow Grey Dawn
RECR004: Charlie Bit My Finger – Trapped Inside
RECR005: Garbage Dreams – The Fastest Airplane Is Denial
RECR006: Hope Erodes – Lost To Supremacy
RECR007: Punkrock Pizza (compilation)
RECR008: Release The Kraken! (compilation)
RECR009: Penny Was Right – We Were Kids
RECR010: Royce – Embrace Yourself
RECR011: Jens Noir – … (coming soon)
RECR012: This Means War – … (coming soon)
RECR013: Rob Galloway – Reflections (coming soon)
RECR014: Locked – Anger And Anxiety (coming soon)



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