REVIEW: Top Dog – s/t

topdogTop Dog – s/t
CD 2016 Rebellion Records

Recently Rebellion Records released the s/t full-length début album by Cumbria, UK Oi/streetpunk band Top Dog. It is the follower to their 2015 s/t EP and the CD kicks off with the four tracks from this EP followed by 9 raw and rough 100% pure British Oi and streetpunk songs. Made in 2016 but with a foundation build in the violent 80s British skinhead scene this one is for the lads who like it straight forward, in your face and rough. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Welcome To My World
2. Botchergate
3. Violence
4. Clockwork Warrior
5. Were You A Bootboy
7. 69 Stitches
8. Carve Her Name With Pride
9. Real Heroes
10. Like Father Like Son
11. House Of Pain
12. Monster
13. Shoot To Kill



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