REVIEW: Hard Evidence – S/T

hardevidence_stHard Evidence – S/T
CD 2016 Rebellion Records / LP 2016 Longshot Music

Hard Evidence is back with a new release after their ‘Last One Standing’ début and their split 7” with The Butcher Boys. ‘Last One Standing’ was a good start from an unknown band back in 2014 but what I hear now isn’t something I could foreseen. This release is amazing and just sound great. Hard Evidence sounds stronger, catchier and punkier then before. It is a good blend of 70s inspired British punk, some Stiff Little Fingers, with a dash of 60s garage rock and roll. A bid like The Spivs (RIP) but more punk. Good evolution guys. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Yesterday’s News
2. Dirty Town
3. Strange Ways
4. Drums of War
5. It Won’t Be Long
6. Draw the Line
7. Electric Shock
8. Some Day
9. Some Promised Land
10. City’s Burning


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