REVIEW: Discipline – Stake Your Claim

discipline_stakeyourclaimDiscipline – Stake Your Claim
CD 2016 Rebellion Records

Eindhoven’s finest Discipline are back! They are back with a new album eleven years after their last one ‘Downfall Of The Working Man’. They are back with a new line-up including a new front man, vocalist Merijn Verhees known from Banner Of Thugs, The Young Ones and Sparrow Falls.

On ‘Stake Your Claim’ you still hear the classic Discipline sounds and you still hear Discipline do what they do best: playing hardhitting streetrock. It almost sounds as if they never took a hiatus but just took their time, a very long time, to make a new record. With this record, the former kings from the European streetrock scene, are reclaiming their throne and they do it in style. Merijn does a great job and Discipline sounds as strong as in their heydays. Its almost like they never left. Stake Your Claim is a must have for every streetrock, street rock’n’roll, streetcore fan out there. 8,5/10
Track list:
1. My Time Will Come
2. We Can’t Be Beaten
3. All The World’s To Blame
4. Show Us The Ropes
5. King Mouth
6. The New Bovver Boys
7. Sad Disgrace
8. Get Me Outta Here
9. Troublemaker
10. Stake Your Claim
11. Your Generation (Generation X cover)
12. We Rule The Pub Now


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