REVIEW: Eclipse – Clandestine Resurrection

unnamedEclipse – Clandestine Resurrection
CD 2016 DIY Transcending Obscurity Distribution. 

At the beginning of 2016 the Indian heavy metal band Eclipse, established in 2004, released their new album ‘Clandestine Resurrection’. This is an album that takes you back to the early days of heavy metal. Clandestine Resurrection has a simple but strong sound offering a mix of classic hard rock and power metal. With its good clean vocals and its catchy and enjoyable keyboard driven songs ‘Clandestine Resurrection’ is a powerful and melodic album that can be admired by many hard rock and metal fans. 8/10

Track list:
1. Prelude to the Resurrection 00:46
2. Rise of the Dead 05:15
3. Enlightened by Darkness 04:06
4. From the Ashes 04:12
5. Virgins of Heaven and Hell 2 04:35
6. Dreams of Midnight 04:42
7. Fall of Kings 03:14
8. Stale Memories 04:22
9. Serenity 04:58
10. Yesterday & Tomorrow 03:11


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