REVIEW: Hard Left – Economy

mock-aHard Left – Economy
7” 2016 Future Perfect Records

Hard Left are an Oakland, USA punk band with a raw and rough punk sound that reminds you of the British punk bands of the late 70s and early 80s. They released this ‘Economy’ single in April of this year. The A-side has two songs ‘Economy’ and ‘In A crowd’ and the B-side the band collaborated with ranting poet Tim Wells.

With its raw and a bit barking vocals, the overdone high pinched backings, the everybody can play punk music attitude and the collaboration with punk poet Tim Wells, ‘Economy’ is an unusual release that will not be suitable for everyone. I guess anything is possible in punk … but that doesn’t mean you have to economize on musical quality, which is a bit the case here.

Track list:
A1: Economy
A2: In A Crowd
B1: Hoxton Market Forces
B2: The Oxford Voice


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